Slava Borodovsky
BI Director, Fiverr
Industry: Internet
Location: Tel-Aviv, Israel
Company Size: 201-500 Employees


  • Agile development models cannot work efficiently with schema-based tools.
  • Agile development models cannot use standard relational database management system solutions.
  • Cloud and Big Data technologies require a designated skillset, hiring a specialized consultant or steep learning curve.
  • Creation of a distributed environment, adding extra costs.
  • Fiverr needed a data environment that would be scalable but was the only solution that would allow BI to be independent from IT and R&D.
  • Finding an open schema in order to make changes while concurrently working on new parameters to add is extremely difficult.


  • Fiverr implemented's data integration solution over a couple of days with positive results.


  •'s cloud architecture made it very simple to implement data integration for BI needs.
  • Fiverr analysts were able to run complex analytical tasks within a few clicks.
  • There was no need for a technical person to take care of infrastructure maintenance and optimization.
  • Fiverr easily stays up to date with new changes on the site while keeping it responsive to new metrics.
  • The duration of complex BI processes from business request to analytical insight shrank dramatically.

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Fiverr's agile development model relies on's data integration platform for pain (and schema) free processing


Fiverr is an online marketplace that provides a two-sided platform for people to buy and sell a variety of digital freelance services, typically starting at the price of $5 per job performed.

Use Case

Integrate millions of rows of semi-structured and unstructured data from multiple sources. saves us time dealing with data since it isn't necessary to change the schema constantly. We are also independent in terms of IT, where we've saved on headcount resources and can put more attention on analytics and business insights than on technical maintenance.
Slava Borodovsky
Slava Borodovsky
BI Director at Fiverr

Fiverr Gets Speed and Simplicity

Initially, Fiverr tried to address their Big Data processing and storage challenges by implementing a columnar database to store traffic data. However, this proved to be far too large of a project and too time consuming to handle in-house. Fiverr needed a solution which could be implemented quickly and easily with minimal effort from the IT team. The company selected and after a few days and minimal changes in their data file structure, the BI team was able to run the complex analytical tasks on their own with a few clicks and process data 50% faster without the need for external resources.

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