Claus Stovgaard
Systems Specialist at Penneo
Industry: Computer Software
Location: Denmark
Company Size: 11-50 Employees


  • Find a data integration platform that could consolidate data from many databases, software solutions and data sources without coding or engineering resources.
  • Discover a solution that’s easy-to-use and cost-effective.
  • Streamline the integration process to maintain multiple databases at once.
  • Cut down on time and resources being used on data integration efforts.


  •’s data integration platform allowed Penneo to seamlessly move and connect all of their clients’ data sources, thereby helping them get a 360° view of their company and grow the data side of their business.


  • Penneo can transform, organize, and analyze their customers’ data intuitively and effectively.
  • Penneo can efficiently move data from multiple sources into the AWS data warehouse Amazon Redshift.
  • Penneo can use the centralized database to analyze data from across different company verticals.
  • The team can use to leverage data insights without using development resources.

Integrations Used

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Comprehensive integrations allow Penneo to grow the BI side of their company and better understand their billing information


As an international, multi-faceted SaaS company, Penneo provides their customers with a flexible platform to quickly and efficiently sign documents. For many of Penneo’s users, this process is traditionally very complicated. To sign documents, they usually have to use an MID - and, to do so, they have to build a platform and integrate to their API. It’s tech-heavy, labor-intensive, and costly.

By simplifying this process and allowing their users to sign documents and go, Penneo does all the heavy lifting and provides a streamlined, easy-to-use digital document solution.

Use Case

As a fast-growing, young company, Penneo was acquiring new customers quickly and adopting more and more data-driven BI tools, including a CRM, a customer support system, and an ERP. They needed a way to stay on top of all of their pertinent customer information and their data-driven insights without overwhelming their resources or internal bandwidth.’s data integration platform gave them exactly that in a user-friendly, flexible ETL interface.

Penneo used’s data integration platform to seamlessly integrate their data from multiple sources into the Amazon Web Services (AWS) data warehouse Amazon Redshift. Specifically, they gathered customer data - including usage and financial data - from:

  • The Penneo application
  • Pipedrive CRM
  • Zendesk customer support
  • Google Analytics
  • ERP accounting system (e-conomic)

Integrating these data sources would allow them to better meet their clients’ needs and gain an accurate understanding of their success and their financial standing.

Taking this automated approach to business intelligence has taken a lot of the load off of our development team. They used to have to write and maintain and execute a wide variety of SQL, and that would only look into their system. There was no cross system way of getting insights. ETL has solved this problem and helped us be more in control of our destiny.
Claus Stovgaard
Claus Stovgaard
Systems Specialist at Penneo

Before, Penneo did not have a tool that allowed them to accurately understand their billing and their customer information. This is because their data sources did not effectively communicate with one another. As a result, they got varying billing numbers depending on which system they looked at.

With the platform, Penneo was able to start centralizing this information. This 360° understanding provided continuity between their usage, billing, and their CRM.

Overall, this change has allowed the company to grow the BI side of their business and better understand their customer behavior. This, in turn, has helped them improve their business strategies and serve a broader customer base.

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