Joe Marcus
Director of Analytics
Industry: Consumer Goods
Location: Los Angeles
Company Size: 11-50 Employees


  • Find an integration platform that could consolidate data from many databases, software solutions and data sources without coding or engineering resources.
  • Discover a solution that’s easy-to-use and cost-effective.
  • Streamline the integration process to save time and increase internal bandwidth.


  •’s data integration platform allowed India Hicks to automate their integration process and get accurate, up-to-date marketing and advertising insights.


  • India Hicks can effectively move data from multiple sources so that it’s always ready for analytics.
  • India Hicks can use the centralized database to analyze data from across different company verticals.
  • The team can use to leverage data insights without using development resources.

Integrations Used

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By automating their data integration process, India Hicks increased their internal bandwidth and improved their long-term business strategies


India Hicks is an upscale women’s lifestyle brand that sells exclusive collections of handbags, accessories, jewelry, beauty products, and fine fragrance.

As a fast-growing, data-driven brand, they needed a way to streamline their integration process and accurately consolidate their marketing data without overwhelming their team’s internal bandwidth.

Use Case

India Hicks had a ton of marketing data and customer information coming in from various sources, with their three main sources being:

  • Facebook
  • Salesforce
  • Their own eCommerce database

They needed a solution that would allow them to quickly and accurately centralize their digital marketing and advertising information, making it ready for analytics and insight. Such a solution would not only increase their internal bandwidth, but also allow them to fully understand the success of their efforts and make more effective long-term strategies.

Before, the way we had been doing the reporting was just nuts. Every Monday, our consultant was spending 3 ½ hours to manually do the reporting. It was insane. With, any analysis I want to do is just instant. It’s like a little miracle every day.
Joe Marcus
Joe Marcus
Director of Analytics

Before, India Hicks couldn’t find an effective solution to this problem. Their existing financial reporting system was extremely complex and time-consuming: once a week, their team members were spending hours trying to manually consolidate their data and create a comprehensive overview.

Specifically, they were trying to integrate:

  • Information on spend, ads, etc. from Facebook
  • Lead information from Salesforce.

This manual process not only took up the team’s time and resources, but also prevented the company from getting a consistent, up-to-date understanding of their data.

Since the information was only updated once a week, any changes that happened in the interim went unnoticed until the following update.

Additionally, the information that they were getting was incomplete: the only real data they were getting from this process was cost-per-lead (CPL), which means they were missing out on other valuable data, including lead quality.

That’s why they turned to provided a flexible way for India Hicks to connect their Facebook and Salesforce data to Google Analytics and their eCommerce database. This allowed them to get accurate reporting and actionable marketing insight.

Specifically, allowed India Hicks to turn their manual, time-consuming weekly integration into a daily, one-click process. Every morning, connects to India Hicks’ Facebook, Salesforce, eCommerce database. It pulls:

  • The spend from Facebook (from the last 7 days)
  • The lifetime leads from Salesforce (so a whole salesforce database update)
  • and more

By simply refreshing their pivot table, India Hicks can essentially analyze any information they want in an instant - and if they want to update, they simply run the package again. With this information, they can get insight into things like:

  • Lifetime customer value - big picture insights into customer acquisition price and overall ROI.
  • Lead quality - they can monitor and improve their lead quality with better follow-up and automations.
  • Cost per acquisition - they can better understand costs by looking at specific metrics, such as cost per 10 pages viewed or total conversion cost during a multi-touch conversion campaign.
  • A/B testing - Can do accurate A/B testing to see which campaigns are most effective and make any necessary pivots from there.

Overall, has allowed India Hicks to grow the data side of their business and better understand their customer behavior. This, in turn, has helped them improve their business strategies and serve a broader customer base.

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