Gerald Heath
VP Technology, Gallus Golf
Industry: Saas
Location: San Diego, CA
Company Size: 20


  • Collect data from siloed sources, then analyze and present it to customers, so they can make more strategic, data-led business decisions.
  • Move away from manual and onerous data management processes that weigh heavy on their engineering team.
  • Find an ETL tool that integrates with multiple technologies and frees up developer and engineer time.
  • Build data pipelines that add value for golf courses, and increase customer loyalty and satisfaction.


  • Gallus Golf implements, which massively reduces the time and effort involved in extracting, centralizing, and analyzing data.
  • Low-code, easy-to-use platform integrates with an array of sources, including applications, databases, and data warehouses. To push all that data into a single destination, also integrates with Timescale.


  • Huge increase in monthly renewals.
  • Over 100 hours of developer and engineer time freed up from time-sapping data processing and invested in enhancing core product’s functions and features.
  • Just 2 weeks to take requests for new analysis from ideation to production. Previously, it took up to 3 months.

Integrations Used

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Gallus Golf uses’s platform integrations to centralize siloed data and save over 100 engineering hours a month


Gallus Golf creates branded mobile golf apps, which help golf courses enhance the golfer experience and build better loyalty and engagement.

Use Case

Gallus Golf needed to extract, analyze and present data to its golf course customers, so they could make data-driven decisions about
their businesses. However, pulling and consolidating data was one huge, time-sapping challenge, because Gallus Golf’s app integrated with so many disparate sources. The company urgently needed to find an ETL solution that simplified data processing, so they could increase efficiency, improve customer satisfaction, and maximize sales and renewals.

Seeking a better way to extract, aggregate, and present data—and add value for 800+ customers

As a business that leverages technology to help golf courses increase customer loyalty and deliver market-leading on- and off-course experiences, Gallus Golf was always looking to drive more value for its customers.

One way to achieve that was by collecting data from diverse touchpoints, then analyzing it and presenting it to customers, so they could make strategic, data-driven decisions about their courses and customers.

Before, the task of processing all that data was painfully manual and time-consuming.

Because Gallus Golf’s app integrates with a ton of different tools and technologies, the company’s engineering team had to pull data from far-reaching, siloed sources—including data-handling systems like Microsoft SQL Server and PostgreSQL, and digital tools such as Urban Airship.

This meant bouncing between independent systems and tools, and then onerously using spreadsheets to pull all the data together. All that before they’d even produced any useful metrics for their customers!

The task of producing reports and analyses required even more internal manpower. First, Gallus Golf’s engineering team had to run an SQL query. Next, the customer success team consolidated this extracted data with data they pulled from other systems—as well as data from customers themselves.

Running a single report for just one customer consumed a full day of internal resources.
In order to improve business efficiency, add more value for customers, and recover more of their valuable engineering resources, Gallus Golf needed a better way to leverage and consolidate siloed data into a single source of truth—and then share analysis and metrics with their customers.
What they needed was a market-leading ETL tool with pre-built integrations that would help them aggregate their data and power more value-packed, easy-to-digest dashboards: so the job of processing data would no longer feel like reinventing the wheel.

“Because we integrate with so many different tools and technologies, our analytics data is stored in so many different places. Being able to pull that into a central location and summarize it in a way that is understandable by our customers is critical to us.”
Gerald Heath
Gerald Heath
VP Technology, Gallus Golf

Intuitive, low-code ETL solution automates and simplifies the task of managing siloed data sources

With significant business value to be gained from finding the right ETL tool, Gallus Golf’s VP Technology Gerald Heath set time aside to assess 10 different solutions. Of all the options, stood out because of its in-built integrations to 100+ data sources and destinations—plus its low-code platform that turned the complex job of transferring and transforming data into a simple, point-and-
click process.

After a friendly kick-off call, Gerald appreciated both’s technical capabilities and its knowledgeable team—and had confidence that was the solution for them. During a supportive pilot period that followed, connected all Gallus Golf’s data connections,
built out their data pipelines, and ensured the solution helped Gallus Golf achieve what they needed.
Consequently, they signed on as a customer.

The onboarding process was seamless and free of any disruption for the business.’s hands-on support team helped Gallus Golf integrate and instantly extract data from an array of sources, including applications, databases, and data warehouses. In order to push all that data into a single, usable destination, also integrated with the company’s Timescale database.

Suddenly, instead of wasting valuable business resources on manual data processing, enabled Gallus Golf to do all the extraction and transformation it needed with minimal time or effort. Thanks to, Gallus Golf now had a single source of truth and they quickly built a deep pool of information, including:
• Data from 860 golf courses all summarized in a single place.
• Hourly updates of how many downloads their app had received.
• Key data on push notifications, including the number of users engaging with them.
• Data on the success of their customer loyalty program, such as the number of engagements with targeted offers.
• Key numbers around usage of the app’s on-course functions, such as mobile check-ins for golf rounds and virtual caddie.

With so much previously siloed data extracted and centralized, Gallus Golf used more of’s pre-built integrations to connect with their analytics tools. The previously resource-heavy job of building reports and great-looking dashboards suddenly became super-efficient and super-fast.

As relative newcomers to using ETL platforms, Gallus Golf received hands-on technical support from whenever they needed it. This helped them get to grips with every facet of the tool and within weeks, they were creating optimized dashboards that drove additional value for their customers.

“ is very easy to use and intuitive and the level of support we’ve received has been second to none—just fantastic!”
Gerald Heath
Gerald Heath
VP Technology, Gallus Golf

Over 100 engineering hours freed up to focus on their core product, instead of laborious data management

Gallus Golf’s quarterly retention figures have increased significantly since they implemented
With optimized metrics dashboards—all made possible by’s integrations and efficiency in aggregating so much siloed data—customers can clearly understand the engagement and ROI they’re getting from Gallus Golf. And that makes the job of negotiating renewals so much easier for the sales team.
Even better, has unlocked huge time efficiencies for Gallus Golf’s engineers and developers. Before, they were bogged down in the burdensome tasks of manually managing siloed data. With on board, data preparation is condensed to a few clicks, meaning developers and engineers now have hundreds of hours a month of extra bandwidth.
All this recovered time is spent on value-added tasks, such as developing the app’s features
and functionality.

With more engineering resources locked into enhancing their core product, Gallus Golf is ideally
positioned to drive more downloads, increase revenue, and improve customer satisfaction.

Gallus Golf’s time savings don’t end there. With, they can progress any new requirement for analysis or metrics from ideation through to production in a maximum of two weeks. Without, the same job took three months! As a result, Gallus Golf can now do more for their customers—and in less time.
Unsurprisingly, customer satisfaction is sky-high. Not only are golf courses receiving optimized reporting that hits all the sweet spots, Gallus Golf are proactively managing customer relationships better than before. For example, if they spot a lack of engagement with the app at a particular course, they quickly flag that to the customer, who takes steps to improve it before it has any negative impact on their bottom line.
With, Gallus Golf has an easy-to-use ETL platform, backed up by five-star, always-there support. Reporting is optimized, sales are up, and customers are happier than ever.

“With every interaction we have with’s team, we always walk away impressed. They know the platform inside out and are engaged with the tool and our business.’s low-code solution is easy to use, yet still has the flexibility and feature set to achieve any data transformations we need.”
Gerald Heath
Gerald Heath
VP Technology, Gallus Golf

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