ETL (extract, transform, load) is the backbone of modern data integration, efficiently migrating massive quantities of information into a data warehouse like Snowflake. But with so many Snowflake ETL tools on the market these days, how can you choose the best for migrating your data?

Below we’ll discuss our favorite Snowflake ETL tools, including their pros, cons, and user reviews so that you can make the choice that’s right for your situation.

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Table of Contents

  1. Best Snowflake ETL Tools
  2. The Use Cases of Snowflake ETL Tools
  3. and Snowflake

Best Snowflake ETL Tools

Best Snowflake ETL Tools: #1

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention as one of the best Snowflake ETL tools. The platform offers a complete toolkit for building data pipelines. Its visual drag-and-drop pipeline builder allows non-technical users to build robust workflows and pipelines with ease. comes with over 100 pre-built integrations so you can get up and running right away. is well-reviewed on the business software review site G2, with an average of 4.4 out of 5 stars and the designation of “Leader” in the field of ETL tools. Reviewer James C. praises’s ability to get across all their data sources:

“ was the only team that could get across all our data sources and centralize our data in one place, then visualize it through Google Data Studio. We're a fund that looks across multiple companies-- so being able to finally compare like for like across companies puts us on better rails for decision making. While there were other solutions out there promising speed and simplicity, was the only team the held our hands as we did the transformations needed to actually be able to realize data aggregation in a human sensical way.”

Additionally, Mike B., Founder, and CTO of a business say this about’s ability to the straightforward user interface:

“After evaluating 10 or so ETL providers I went with because their service has a relatively straightforward GUI, but also allows for a fairly sophisticated level of configuration.”

Data And Analytics Manager, Eric D., has this to say about’s flexibility and vast catalog of API components:

“Very flexible, allows us to connect to different APIs using different authentication methods. Easy to use with a good function library.”

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Best Snowflake ETL Tools: #2 Jaspersoft ETL

Jaspersoft ETL is an ETL data migration platform that features several connectors such as Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark. This tool might be ideal for you if either of those in your tech stack. It is an open-source tool that gives users tremendous control over its functions. It was developed specifically for developers and makes it easy for anyone with technical skills to build pipelines. Jaspersoft ETL has a 3.8 out of 5 stars on business review site G2.

The tool reportedly has good reporting capabilities as noted by this reviewer: “The ability to turn SQL queries into useful and attractive reports and signs.”

However, consultant Cameron F notes that “Jaspersoft can be extremely taxing to our system and network, causing painful slowdowns and laboriously long reports to generate and populate.” Another reviewer says that Jaspersoft is “Not easy to use. Time-consuming. Might have to re-do things to build reports.”

Best Snowflake ETL Tools: #3 Cloudera

If you are looking for a flexible hybrid and multi-cloud ETL tool, Cloudera could be a good choice. It is an open-source tool that offers support for data governance and auditing. It is built on Hadoop which makes it easy to configure. The platform has an average of 4 out of 5 stars in reviews. 

One reviewer writes: “Easy to install, simple to configure.” However, others, such as this reviewer, have more of a mixed bag, stating: “Need to be experienced to really know how to use the advanced features. 

Best Snowflake ETL Tools: #4 Pentaho Data Integration

Pentaho is a business intelligence (BI) platform that provides data integration and ETL capabilities. Its tools include reporting, a dashboard, and interactive analytics. It is also capable of running on a Hadoop cluster which could be useful if that is important to you. It has 4.3 out of 5 stars. 

Reviewers such as Paco T say “It has a lot of tools for transforming your data without coding.” Some, however, find the UI to be a bit intimidating as noted by one reviewer: “UI/UX is not so friendly. Guess there is an improvement on that front.”

Use Cases for Snowflake ETL Tools

Given the wide range of Snowflake ETL tools, in which situation should you use the tools discussed above?

  • You’re looking for a versatile Snowflake ETL tool with hundreds of pre-built connectors and an easy learning curve to get you up and running quickly.
  • Jaspersoft ETL - You are using Apache Hadoop or Apache Spark in your environment. 
  • Cloudera - You need a hybrid multi-cloud capable solution.
  • Pentaho - You’re looking for a tool to run on a Hadoop cluster. and Snowflake

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