AWS Solution Architects are in red-hot demand, and the AWS Certification is the highest-paying certification in the United States. As such, you wear many hats as a Solution Architect for Amazon Web Services. You're a problem-solver, a creative genius, a multitasker, and a big-picture thinker. And you design AWS implementations better than anyone else you know.  

But there are some things about being an AWS Solution Architect that aren't so rosy. Amazon's ever-changing recommendations. Clients that don't get back to you. Data security threats that fill you with fear. But the biggest challenge? 

Moving data to where you need it to be. 

And moving it back again. 

Some clients have so many tools in their tech stacks, it feels like The Matrix. You may spend all morning planning a solution for a new client and by noon, you realize the data pipeline you've been working on won't work.

Does it have to be so hard? What if there were an easier way to move data from Point A to B without loads of complicated code? What if you could distribute your workload and cut down delivery times?

Is this a pipe dream? No--it's And as an AWS Solution Architect, it could be the solution you need.

Table of Contents

  1. Better ETL for AWS Solution Architects
  2. How Does Help You as an AWS Solution Architect?
  3. The Benefits of for AWS Solution Architects 
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Better ETL for AWS Solution Architects

You might have used ETL platforms in the past, depending on how long you've been an AWS Solution Architect. And you know how these tools let you create code and custom pipelines from scratch. But you also know how time-consuming this entire process is. For example, if a client wants to move data from a legacy CRM system to Amazon Redshift, the process could take months, and there's no guarantee it will even work. 

You deserve an automated solution that replicates common data pipelines. To do this, you need data integration. Data integrations move data between data stores without loads of code. There are data integrations for Salesforce, MongoDBGoogle Big QueryMySQL, and many more. There are integrations for CRMs, ERPs, and SaaS. you name it. Being able to automate the flow of data with pre-built integrations will make your life a lot easier.

Another perk to using an automated ETL solution: Less code. And, sometimes, no code at all.

You learned to code for a reason, and it's a skill you'll have for life. But, sometimes, coding feels more complicated than the AWS Solution Architect Certification itself. The best ETL solutions exist in low-code or no-code environments, so you can create awe-inspiring data pipelines without constantly brushing up on your Java. 

Data integrations and low-code/no-code solutions allow you to make better use of resources, get the job done in less time, impress clients, secure more work, and make more money as an AWS Solution Architect.

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How Does Help You as an AWS Solution Architect? 

Not all ETL tools automate ETL, and not all automated ETL tools are Here's why:

  • While Fivetran and MuleSoft certainly automate ETL, these platforms still require you to code pipelines. With, there's no code whatsoever. 
  • Platforms like Stitch and Talend also automate ETL, but these tools don't have the same number of data integrations that does (200 and counting). 
  • has the holy grail of integrations: Salesforce-to-Salesforce integration, which not only moves Salesforce data to a data store but also moves it back again. You won't find this integration on most ETL platforms. 

Other automated ETL tools are so complex, you have to learn a whole new skill set, while still others are far too expensive. is a low-cost solution for AWS Solution Architects, with its super-simple drag-and-drop interface that lets you create visual data pipelines in minutes. 

For a full list of integrations, click here.

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The Benefits of for AWS Solution Architects

As an AWS Solution Architect, you won't want to automate everything all the time. You have highly desirable skills, and you want to put them to good use. With, you get the best of both worlds. In addition to a low-code interface, has custom-coding options for when you want to customize data pipelines for specific clients.

Another valuable feature allows you to connect data sources with almost any destination via REST API, including databases, data warehouses, and data lakes. also uses the same security technology as AWS itself, with advanced compliance and encryption features that keep your client's data secure. 

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Becoming an AWS Solution Architect may have landed you your dream job, but nobody told you about the challenges you face every day. Moving data from one place to another can be tedious, but luckily there's a solution. Using means you don't constantly have to write code or create pipelines from scratch. is the only ETL tool you'll ever need as an AWS Solution Architect. Create visual data pipelines in minutes and change the way you work forever. Book an intro call with our support team and find out how you can get a risk-free 14-day pilot to see if is the right fit for you.