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Google Analytics lets you measure your advertising ROI as well as track your Flash, video, and social networking sites and applications.

ELT & CDC uses the API provided by Google Analytics to sync the data.

Google Analytics API reference

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Incremental Sync

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Bearer Token


Collection Name

Full Sync

Incremental Sync

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Supports Delete

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Setting up Google Analytics for ELT & CDC


  • You need permissions to create private keys for service accounts.

Google Analytics Source Create Form

Follow these steps to Enable Google Analytics API.

  1. Go to Google Cloud Platform dashboard and navigate to APIs & Services tab in the hamburger menu.
  2. Click the Enable APIs and Services button.


  3. Look for Google Analytics.

  4. Select Google Analytics API among the search results.


  5. Click the Enable button.


  6. After enabling the API, you are being redirected to the Google Analytics dashboard. Click the Create credentialsbutton for creating credentials.


  7. Select Google Analytics API in the first step.


  8. Select the Application data and No, I'm not using them options, then click Next.


  9. Choose a name for your service account, then click Create and continue.


  10. Set the Owner role for your service account, then click Continue.


  11. Click Done without making any other changes. You are redirected to Credentials page.
  12. Click on your newly created service account in the Service Accounts section.


  13. Click the Keys section in the top bar, then click Create new key.


  14. Make sure that JSON key type is selected (by default), then click Create. You will be prompted to save the JSON file with credentials, save it in a secure place on your computer.


  15. Copy and paste the client email (can be found in Service account details section after clicking on the service account in Service accounts sectio