Monitoring - Hooks

What is Hooks feature

The Hooks feature lets customers receive email alerts for pipeline events of interest. We currently support email, with plans to support Webhooks and other services in the future.

To set up slack integration, please refer to this page.


  • Hook
    Hook sends a notification to the service of the corresponding Hook Type when it receives a trigger from one of the attached Hook Sources.
  • Hook Type
    Hook Type refers to a service that a Hook uses to notify the customer, such as email or Slack.
  • Hook Source
    Hook Source is an entity within the ELT platform (such as a pipeline or alert) that emits various events which the customer may want to be notified about. A Hook Source can be attached to multiple Hooks so that they can begin notifying the customer about the events from the Hook Source.

Getting Started

Create a Hook

  1. On your dashboard sidebar, go to Settings. Click on Hooks tab then + Create Hook button
  2. On Create new hook modal, fill the Hook name and select the Email option under the Hook Type from the drop-down list.

  3. This should unlock the Email list field. Input the list of emails you want to get notifications to. Press Create Hook button.

  4. Attach the newly created Hook to an existing pipeline.

    To set up notifications for a pipeline, follow these steps in the newly opened modal:
        a. Select Pipeline in the To drop-down menu.
        b. In the With the name drop-down menu, select the pipeline you want to be notified about. You can start typing the name of the pipeline if you have a long list of pipelines.
        c. Select the pipeline events you want to be notified about.
        d. Click the Attach Hook button.

  5. That's it! You will now receive notifications for the selected pipeline events. Check your email inbox for the notifications from