Sources - Google Analytics 4 Export (GA4 Export)


Google Analytics is a web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic and also the mobile app traffic & events.

Supported Replication

Initial Sync

Continuous Sync

Authentication Type

Google Service Account (BigQuery Storage API)



To integrate Google Analytics data into our system, the customer must set up BigQuery Export from their Google Analytics account to their own Big Query data warehouse, and provide the project ID and database ID. Please refer to the Google Documentation for instructions on performing the BigQuery Export.

Once set up, their Google Account will export tables to BigQuery daily. We can then pull data from BigQuery using the BigQuery Storage API.

  • BigQuery Storage API
    • BigQuery Storage API must be enabled
    • A newer API from BigQuery that allows fetching binary data from BigQuery, making fetching much faster.
      • Optimal for larger datasets.
      • Free 300TB of data fetch + network charges.
      • Authentication via Service Account.
        • Service Account must have the BigQuery Data Viewer & BigQuery Read Session User role enabled.

Both fetching methods are priced, and the cost falls on the customer's side. Please refer to the BigQuery cost documentation for further details.

Connector Configurations

  • Include Intraday Tables

Intraday tables are tables that are updated throughout the day. Enabling this option will sync data from these tables each time the pipeline runs. Note that enabling this option will increase the amount of synced data, but the data will be the most up-to-date. Non-intraday tables will only be synced once.

  • Enable Lookback Days

Google Analytics can update daily tables for up to 72 hours. This means that data on the tables doesn’t become final until 72 hours have passed, the connector will only fetch the current date table on continuous sync, which means some tables might have outdated information. However, if this option is enabled, the connector will once a day re-sync the newest table that has fixed data (Table from 4 days ago).


This connector currently does not support the [GA4] BigQuery Export user-data schema


Collection Name Full/Initial Sync Incremental/Continuous Sync Supports Update Supports Delete Notes
events_items Normalized table from events