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Shopify product review and counter plugin

Supported Replication

Continuous Sync

Authentication Type

Basic Authentication

Setting up JudgeMe for ELT & CDC


ELT & CDC uses the API provided by JudgeMe to sync the data.

Judgeme API Reference


  • You need to enable the JudgeMe Webservice and create an API key.

Create API Token

Follow these steps to enable the JudgeMe Webservice and create a API key.

  1. Goto your Judgeme back office, open the Web service page under the Advanced Parameters menu, and then choose Yes for the “Enable JudgeMe Webservice” option.
  2. Click the Add new webservice key and configure your API key. You will need to grant read (GET) access on resources you want to use with ELT & CDC.
  3. Copy and paste the API key into the dashboard.
  4. Enter your Shopify domain name into the input field below. If JudgeMe is installed in a subfolder of your server, please also include the path to it.