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With over 15 exchange rate data sources, the Exchangerates API is delivering exchanging rates data for more than 170 world currencies. This API has several endpoints, where each of them serves a different purpose, use case. The endpoints include functionalities like receiving the latest exchange rates information for a specific set, or for all currencies; conversion from one to another currency; receiving data Time-series for multiple or for one currency, and preserving the API daily for the fluctuation data.

Supported Replication

Initial Sync

Continuous Sync

Authentication Type

Bearer Token


Collection Name

Initial Sync

Continuous Sync

Supports Update

Supports Delete

rates (/{date})









Setting up ExchangeRates for ELT & CDC


ELT & CDC uses the API provided by ExchangeRates to sync the data.

ExchangeRates API Reference

Obtain the access key

  • Go to the Dashboard section in the top bar.
  • Copy the API access key from the Your API access key section into the field below.