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About AlloyDB

AlloyDB is a brand new fully-managed PostgreSQL-compatible database from Google Cloud. Launched in 2022, the database handles transactional and analytical workloads, streamlining the management and administration of PostgreSQL deployments.

About AS400

AS400 is a computer system with an embedded database from IBM that dates back to 1988. The IBM AS/400 system was once popular with small and medium businesses but now lacks the functionality and features of modern data platforms like IBM Db2, rendering it ineffective for many users.

Popular Use Cases

Bring all your AS400 data to Amazon Redshift

Load your AS400 data to Google BigQuery

ETL all your AS400 data to Snowflake

Move your AS400 data to MySQL

AlloyDB's End Points

Table of Contents
  • Connect operational data to AlloyDB data for a single source of truth
  • ETL data to AlloyDB in minutes
  • has the AlloyDB data integrations you need
  • How customers power growth with the AlloyDB connector
  • Get started moving data in minutes
  • Why choose for your AlloyDB data integration?
  • Get started on your AlloyDB data integration today
  • Explore our AlloyDB ETL resources
  • Check out our latest AlloyDB-related articles
Connect operational data to AlloyDB data for a single source of truth is a no-code data pipeline platform that performs ETL, ELT, Reverse ETL, data warehouse insights, data observability, and super-fast CDC. Its bi-directional AlloyDB connector can ETL operational data to Google's new PostgreSQL-compatible database without advanced data engineering or manual pipeline-building, streamlining the entire data integration process.

One of the most popular use cases for AlloyDB data integration is moving operational data from disparate sources to Google Cloud Platform's PostgreSQL database. can help you do that! Its out-of-the-box native AlloyDB connector can create a single source of truth for marketing data inside AlloyDB, removing the need for several operational systems.
  • Storing marketing data in AlloyDB makes sense for many marketers because of the database's 99.99% uptime SLA, scalable architecture, incredible storage facilities, and ability to handle transactional workloads.
  • Moving marketing data (and other operational data) to AlloyDB provides you with a 360-degree view of customers, campaigns, and marketing workflows in a single reference point.
  • After moving data to AlloyDB for its storage and maintenance benefits, you can ETL that data to a data warehouse and generate intelligence about your marketing processes in machine learning-compatible BI tools.
ETLing data to databases like AlloyDB is complicated, even if you have intermediate data engineering knowledge. That's because data integration can involve data engineering, programming, and pipeline-building. With, you don't have to worry about the complications of integration. Its native bi-directional AlloyDB connector moves data from multiple sources to Google's PostgreSQL database without hiring engineers or building complex data pipelines from scratch.

Schedule an intro call with to learn more.

ETL data to AlloyDB in minutes
ETLing data from data sources to AlloyDB is a simple three-step process with's connector. This process can take as little as a few minutes with no data engineering or complex programming involved.
  • extracts data from a source and places it in a staging area. Supported data sources include apps, SaaS tools, relational databases, legacy databases, and other data platforms.
  • transforms that data into the most appropriate format for AlloyDB. This stage of the ETL process can improve data quality, increase compatibility, and enhance compliance with data governance frameworks like GDPR.
  • loads data into AlloyDB.
You can repeat this simple process with other data sources in your organization, turning AlloyDB into a single source of truth. Alternatively, you can ETL data from AlloyDB to operational systems and other platforms. does all the heavy lifting for you, allowing you to focus on other organizational tasks.

The AlloyDB connector moves data to and from AlloyDB on your terms, removing the need to use multiple tools for data integration.

Set up an ETL trial meeting now, and learn more about the benefits of's AlloyDB connector. has the AlloyDB data integrations you need ETLs data to Google’s new database with its pre-built connector, reducing delivery time and eliminating unnecessary expenses.

Examples of AlloyDB integrations:
  • Bring Shopify data to AlloyDB and benefit from Google's data durability and high availability.
  • Transfer Salesforce data to AlloyDB and benefit from Google's superior performance and incredibly fast analytical queries.
  • Move AlloyDB data to the Google BigQuery data warehouse and generate insights about business operations. Identify patterns and trends in data and make better organizational decisions.
View more AlloyDB integrations on is the no-code data pipeline platform that makes AlloyDB data integration simple! You can move data in a jargon-free environment and remove the pain points associated with data transformation and database migration. Try yourself for 14 days!

How customers power growth with the AlloyDB connector
ETLing data to helps you get more value from the data in your organization.
  • Create workflows that automate data integration based on your custom schedule. You can move data to Google’s new cloud database whenever you like.
  • Remove data silos that prevent you from carrying out day-to-day business operations. Moving data from isolated sources to cloud-native AlloyDB provides a real-time view of business performance and productivity.
  • eliminates human error during the ETL process. The platform's AlloyDB connector automates data integration, providing better quality data outcomes.
  •'s drag-and-drop point-and-click user interface makes AlloyDB data integration simple, even if you have never used a data pipeline platform.
  •'s connector is compatible with open-source PostgreSQL operating systems, allowing you to consolidate data more effectively.
Get started moving data in minutes
Ready to start moving data to or from AlloyDB’s database service? Enter a few details about your business and then talk to an expert who can help you decide on the best data integration use case. will provide you with the resources required for every step of your integration journey.

Why choose for your AlloyDB data integration?
World-class support offers exceptional customer support and will always be there for you during your data integration project. Contact a team member by phone, email, or chat to troubleshoot issues or learn more about features. Alternatively, access resources, tutorials, and FAQ pages online.

Customize integration notifications

Like other data pipeline platform providers, will notify you when an issue occurs during integration, allowing you to take quick action. However, you can customize the alerts you receive so you don't bombard your hard-working data team.

World-class security

Benefit from encryption, field-level data hashing, and other data security protocols when using's AlloyDB data connector. Get peace of mind!

REST API connector

You can pull in data from any source with a REST API using's REST API connector. Now you can improve data integration even if you can't find the right connector!

Data compliance's connectors can help you adhere to relevant data governance frameworks in your industry or region, such as GDPR and CCPA. Prevent expensive government fines for non-compliance!

Pre-built connectors

It's not just AlloyDB! You can find pre-built connectors for various data sources and destinations, helping you improve functionality and reach your data integration benchmarks. Find connectors for Salesforce, HubSpot, Shopify, Amazon Redshift (AWS), Snowflake, Oracle, Google Analytics, Facebook, Mailchimp, MongoDB, Amazon S3, MySQL, IBM Db2, Microsoft Azure Blob Storage, and much more!

Get started on your AlloyDB data integration today
Want to ETL datasets to and from AlloyDB?'s out-of-the-box native bi-directional connector can suit your data integration use case and help you get more value from Google's new PostgreSQL database. Sign up for an ETL trial set-up meeting now, and start your AlloyDB data integration.

AS400's End Points

Table of Contents
  • Connect AS400 to Db2 for a single source of truth
  • Extract and load data from AS400 quickly
  • has the AS400 data integrations you need
  • How customers power growth with its AS400 connector
  • Get started moving data in minutes
  • Why choose for AS400 data integration?
  • Get started on AS400 data integration
  • Explore our AS400 resources
Connect AS400 to Db2 for a single source of truth
The most popular use case for AS400 data integration is moving data from the legacy system to IBM Db2, which provides database and data warehouse capabilities. Transferring data from AS400 to Db2 can generate a single source of truth and help you analyze and visualize data used for marketing. executes this process by extracting and loading data from AS400 with its ETL connector.
  • Moving AS400 data to Db2 provides a single reference point for marketing data.
  • You can also load marketing data from other platforms to Db2 and access this critical information in one central location.
  • After loading marketing data in Db2, you can push it through BI tools and learn more about customers, e-commerce transactions, and campaigns on real-time dashboards, summaries, and other data visualizations. Share metrics and key performance indicators with stakeholders for improved marketing performance.
Manually extracting and loading data can involve data pipelining, advanced coding, Java, authentication, queues, and validation. removes these pain points by automating the data integration process with its incredible range of connectors. Schedule an intro call with to discover more about integrating data between AS400 and Db2.

ETL data from AS400 quickly
Because AS400 is such an old system — like IBM iSeries and other ancestors of IBM i — data teams might spend weeks or months manually creating data pipelines for Db2 integration.'s AS400 connector takes all the hard work out of this process, freeing up resources for team members.
  • extracts data from AS400 and places it in a staging area.
  • The no-code data pipeline loads AS400 to Db2 via its SSL connector.
  • Benefit from Db2's high availability, modernization, storage, analytics, disaster recovery, and database replication features.
Once you load AS400 data into Db2, you can also use its warehouse capabilities to generate insights in BI tools such as Tableau and Microsoft Power BI. That can improve decision-making in your organization and spur business growth.

Alternatively, you can pull data into AS400 if you still rely on this legacy system for business purposes.'s bi-directional ETL connector lets you use AS400 as a data destination and a source. Set up an ETL trial meeting to discover how's AS400 connection satisfies your data-driven needs. has the AS400 data integrations you need's AS400 connection integrates data on your terms. This means you no longer have to create complex data pipelines or expand your data team to improve data management in your organization.

Examples of AS400 data integrations
  • Transfer AS400 data to IBM Db2
  • Pull data into AS400 from sources
Ready to start your AS400 data journey? Try yourself for free for 14 days and experience its simple user interface.

How customers power growth with its AS400 connector's customers who extract and load data from AS400 to Db2 benefit in the following ways:
  • removes data silos from AS400, allowing customers to move data sets to Db2 for powerful performance and analytics. By eliminating silos, businesses can improve data visibility and quality and learn more about internal processes.
  •'s streamlined workflows automate AS400 integration by managing and preparing data sets. Data teams don't need to build pipelines from scratch and can focus on other tasks.
  • Moving data from AS400 to Db2 via can improve compliance with data governance regulations. The newer IBM system allows customers to adhere to GDPR, CCPA, and other standards and avoid expensive government penalties for data protection non-compliance.
  •'s pre-built connector for AS400 removes human error during data integration. That results in better delivery outcomes for data teams and improves business processes.
Get started moving data in minutes
Moving data from AS400 to Db2 starts now! Enter a few details about your use case on a simple form and talk to an expert about the integration process. can help you decide on the best ways to transfer AS400 data to Db2 and provide all the guidance and resources you need.

Why choose for AS400 data integration?
Customer service

Talk to an team member via phone, email, or chat at any time. You can also access online resources, tutorials, and docs.

Change data capture also performs fast change data capture (CDC), helping you discover database changes instantly and removing the need for bulk load updating.

Pre-built connectors's pre-built connectors can move data to/from systems other than AS400. Find connections for relational databases, transactional databases, web services, business applications, SaaS tools, ERP systems, CRM systems, and Db2 itself.

REST API connector has a wide range of connectors for sources and destinations, and you can also create your own if you don't see one listed for your use case using the platform's REST API connector, which can fetch data from almost any source that has a REST API.

Get started on AS400 data integration
Moving data out of AS400 is now possible with's new connector. Extract and load AS400 data into Db2 for enhanced performance, storage, and analytics and revolutionize data integration in your business. Sign up for an ETL trial set-up meeting now!

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