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About HubSpot

Because HubSpot manages so many aspects of business, there’s plenty of data just waiting to be collated, integrated, and mined for valuable profit-boosting insights. makes HubSpot integration simple.

About Salesforce Pardot

Pardot deals with huge amounts of customer data, so having access to that data is vital. While Pardot syncs with lead management data from Salesforce CRM, it doesn’t automatically load that data into your data warehouse. is the solution for that.

Popular Use Cases

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Load your HubSpot data to Google BigQuery

ETL all your HubSpot data to Snowflake

Move your HubSpot data to MySQL

Bring all your Salesforce Pardot data to Amazon Redshift

Load your Salesforce Pardot data to Google BigQuery

ETL all your Salesforce Pardot data to Snowflake

Move your Salesforce Pardot data to MySQL

HubSpot's End Points

Table of Contents:
  • Connect your HubSpot data for actionable business insights
  • Move your HubSpot data to any destination in minutes
  • has the HubSpot data integrations you need
  • How customers power growth via HubSpot integration
  • Start analyzing your HubSpot data in minutes
  • Why choose for your HubSpot data integration?
  • Explore our HubSpot data integration resources
Connect your HubSpot data for actionable business insights
Your business intelligence (BI) tools are only as effective as the data you feed into them via your data warehouse or data lake. HubSpot holds information ranging from customer communications and invoices to SEO strategies, potentially making it a primary source of game-changing data.

Using's ETL platform offers the following benefits:
  • High levels of data security for the most secure transformations
  • Specialization in Amazon Redshift and Snowflake data warehouse solutions
  • World-class, award-winning customer support and online resources
HubSpot integration via data integration platforms uses various methods, including ELT (extract, load, transform), also called CDC (change data capture), to load HubSpot data directly into your data repository for easy access.

Move your HubSpot data to any destination in minutes
It’s easy and quick to access all your HubSpot data, from Eventbrite ticket sales for your latest digital seminar to metrics like contact form submission rates. Save time by connecting via ETL and automating regular, scheduled checks for any changes to the historical data.
  • Never again get your customer contact details wrong thanks to real-time updates.
  • Vastly reduce the need for manual data entry, which cuts down on instances of human error.
  • Keep your finger firmly on the pulse of which marketing and content campaigns are working best for your business.
You can even use the data from other sources to update your CRM, keeping all your business systems cohesive and consistent. has the HubSpot data integrations you need
HubSpot generates so much vital business data, and it relies on accurate data to be an effective CRM tool. HubSpot also provides a range of marketing tools, including SEO strategy, email marketing, blogging, and a whole suite of analytics for every part of the system you use.

Combining your platforms, social media, and CRM data within a single destination like a data warehouse or data lake allows you to gain greater insights into what drives your business growth. can connect to many big-name data warehouses. View available integrations for here and speak to our team if there’s a connection you don’t see. You can create even more connections via API management and creation services.

How customers power growth via HubSpot integration
HubSpot is a vital part of the tech stack for many businesses. Even in isolation, it provides so many benefits, empowering organizations to improve customer relationships and hone their entire communications strategies. When you extract the data from HubSpot and combine it with insights from other data sources, your business growth potential increases exponentially.

For example, you can:
  • Find out which landing pages across your websites get the most traffic.
  • Let your sales team know which products have been discussed most in customer contact forms and why.
  • Use HubSpot to manage your email marketing campaigns; then put the results of those side by side with your social media campaigns to compare the impact of both.
  • Create a HubSpot form to collect data from your leads, and add that data to a database of all your customer feedback.
  • Discover which of your webinars had the most engagement, and use the information to inform new leads about your best services.
Additionally, you can combine your HubSpot contact records with click-through rates on WordPress to explore just how your customers are engaging with you so you can create meaningful follow-ups that drive more revenue. HubSpot integration has so many use cases that power growth for businesses.

Start analyzing your HubSpot data in minutes
Use your HubSpot account details and your authentication permissions to start creating data pipelines with very little effort. The low-code system allows you to easily create connections to a variety of data sources, including your HubSpot CRM.

Follow the instructions for ETL connections, or use the provided ETL template. Just know that ELT and ETL are not interchangeable. ELT has the advantage in that it only does a single historical data load, and after that only brings across changed data, reducing the strain on your internal systems. Automation of workflows allows you to check for changes regularly as needed.

It's also possible to use the ETL (extract, transform, load, a different data integration process) templates provided by to build a data pipeline that formats data before delivering it to your data warehouse.

Why choose for your HubSpot data integration?
Connect to the data sources that matter to you and your business via a fast and intuitive CDC tool — and explore integrations like Mailchimp, YouTube, and more to see all your information in the same destination.

Why not streamline your processes and improve the customer experience with HubSpot data integration from’s innovative platform? Schedule an intro call today to learn about our functionality and pricing.

Explore our HubSpot data integration resources provides award-winning support, FAQs, and blogs on a range of data integration topics, including HubSpot.

Check out our latest HubSpot-related articles: See similar data sources:
  • Salesforce: Salesforce is an alternative CRM popular with many businesses
  • Amazon Redshift: Amazon Redshift is a popular cloud-based data warehouse from AWS.
  • Heroku Postgress: Heroku Postgress is a scalable and open-source database solution.

Salesforce Pardot's End Points

Table of Contents
  • Connect your Salesforce Pardot data for better data governance
  • Shift your Salesforce Pardot data to your data warehouse in minutes
  • has the Salesforce Pardot data integrations that you need
  • How customers power growth with our Salesforce Pardot data connectors
  • Get started analyzing your Salesforce Pardot data in minutes
  • Why choose for your Salesforce Pardot data integration
  • Explore our Salesforce Pardot data integration resources
Connect your Salesforce Pardot data for better data governance
Salesforce Pardot integration provides critical marketing insights such as ROI tracking or info on how customers want to communicate with you as a business. For your business, the connected app could provide vital insights, including:
  • Which email campaigns drive customers to get in touch and which may cause them to unsubscribe, or how many page views your landing pages or latest blog articles receive
  • How many customers are proactively providing consent for marketing updates
  • What demographics of customers are regularly requesting data deletion or other aspects of data management (such as editing their customer contact fields or other prospect fields), and how this affects overall data governance is a low-code ETL platform that empowers you to create a Salesforce-Pardot connector quickly with its easy-to-configure data pipelines.

Push your Salesforce Pardot data to your data warehouse in minutes
Because Salesforce Pardot provides so much business-critical data and compliance information, it’s important to be able to create fast, effortless connections that pull that data into your own data warehousing solutions.
  • provides low-code ETL (extract, transform, load) connections, easy to create using an intuitive interface.
  • also has an ELT/CDC (change data capture) offering which can load existing historical data quickly. Transformation occurs once data reaches your data warehouse. Automation allows you to only pull through data when changes occur.
  • Save time and money and avoid costly, manual data pipeline coding.
Find out more about the benefits of ELT on the blog here. Start your data integration journey with a 14-day free trial has the Salesforce Pardot data integrations that you need
Salesforce Pardot isn’t the only data source you’ll need to access, especially if your business relies on granular marketing information. That’s why offers numerous connections when you use the ETL functionality, including:
  • Salesforce CRM
  • Salesforce Einstein
  • HubSpot
  • MailChimp
  • Google AdWords
  • Facebook Ads
By utilizing the ability to connect to multiple data sources, you become more agile and better able to adapt to changes in the marketplace. With Salesforce Pardot data in the mix, you know you’re managing your customers’ data and marketing preferences to the highest standards, too.

Always talk to one of our team here at if you can’t see the data integration you need. We can help you find the best way to connect to your data sources and destinations, including using other features such as API creation and management or our range of connector templates.

View all the currently available and upcoming integrations for here.

How customers power growth with our Salesforce Pardot data connectors
Growing your business means being trustworthy, reliable, and adaptable to your customers’ needs. Salesforce Pardot data integration helps you achieve that by enabling you to manage your prospect records better and adjust to how customers want you to manage your data.

There are so many use cases for Pardot integration. For data governance and compliance audits, you have the peace of mind that all data pertaining to your customer authentications, user permissions, or data deletion requests is right there in your data warehouse. Using Marketing Data Sharing rules or marketing setup data on Pardot, you can ensure all data from your CRM is synced to Pardot, then use to bring all that data to your warehouse. Pardot permission sets and setup tasks can determine what CRM connectors are currently active.

Salesforce Pardot (including the Pardot Lightning App) is built around a high focus on data security and transparency, and with’s own secure transformations, you’ll be able to demonstrate to clients, customers, and stakeholders how seriously you take data governance and management as an enterprise. As a Pardot integration user, you’ll have more data at your fingertips than ever before.

Find out more about how secure transformations are when you choose here. Book your 14-day free trial and find out how can bring your vital business data together.

Get started analyzing your Salesforce Pardot data in minutes
Once you’ve set up your account with, all you’ll need is your login details for the platform and your Salesforce user login details. Use your credentials for your Pardot account along with our intuitive interface to create data pipelines with connector settings that suit you. Give users access as you require or provide solo data managers with a single sign-on.

Use the CDC functionality to check for new data at regular intervals or when the system receives notifications that data has been changed, updated, or deleted. This reduces strain on your internal resources by removing the requirement for a full data dump every time an automated run occurs, or a connector user manually creates a fresh connection.

Why choose for your Salesforce Pardot data integration is a high-speed, low-code platform that’s secure enough to handle the customer data you need for data governance optimization.’s super-fast CDC capabilities bring virtually real-time insights to your data management teams, creating a better understanding of how customers want to engage with you.

Bring all your business data together at a single destination, like your Amazon Redshift, Amazon S3, BigQuery or Snowflake warehouse. This empowers you to use your chosen BI tools to sift through data for patterns that can help you make better business decisions or swivel the direction of your marketing campaigns. Talk to our team about the possibility of creating connectors to individual Pardot business units for more granular data analysis.

Talk to us to learn more about the data integration platform designed to help you achieve data-driven growth. Schedule a demo with a member of our team and try it for yourself with a 14-day free trial.

Explore our Salesforce Pardot data integration resources
Our team here knows a thing or two about connecting to the most business-critical Salesforce data. Look out for webinars and other resources from our experts. In the meantime, check out our latest Salesforce-related articles:
See similar data sources
  • Salesforce: One of the top-performing CRMs in the world, used by enterprises of all sizes.
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud: A cloud-based, multi-feature platform for building effective marketing campaigns.
  • HubSpot: A market-leading CRM and suite of marketing tools, including content management services.
  • Amazon Redshift: Part of the AWS suite of cloud-based services and one of the most popular fully managed data warehousing solutions available.

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