Allowing ETL access to my Google Analytics 4 (GA4) ETL can read Google Analytics 4 (GA4) data from your Google accounts. This article details creating the Google Analytics 4 (GA4) connection in ETL. 

Step 1: Create a Service Account within your GCP project

Create a Service Account

  1. Access your Google Cloud Console.
  2. On the sidebar, choose IAM & Admin > Service Accounts.
  4. Fill up the Service account details and click "Done".

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Generate a private key for your service account

  1. Navigate to IAM & Admin > Service Accounts.
  2. Click the Service Account you created from the previous step.
  3. Click the "KEYS" tab.
  4. Click "ADD KEY" > "Create new key" > "JSON" and click "CREATE".
  5. A private key (JSON) file will be automatically downloaded to your machine.
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Step 2: Enable the APIs

  1. Enable Google Analytics Admin API
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  2. Enable Google Analytics Data API
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Step 3: Grant Google Analytics 4 Property Access to Service Account

  1. Navigate to Google Analytics and click on the "Admin" cog in the left sidebar.

  2. Ensure that you are in the correct Account and Property, and then click on "Property Access Management".

  3. Click on the blue + button to add access permissions to new users, and select "Add users".

  4. Paste the Service Account email address you created earlier. Deselect "Notify new users by email" and select "Viewer" and click "Create".

Step 4: Create GA4 Connection on ETL

  1. Navigate to the Connections tab and click Google Analytics - GA4.
  2. Upload the JSON key you generated from Step 1.
  3. Fill up the Connection Name
  4. Click Test Connection
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