AES encrypt a string using the specified AWS KMS key ARN and encryption context.

Symmetric Key Envelope Encryption

Reference: How the AWS Encryption SDK Works


Encrypt(‘plaintext_data’, ‘keyARN’ [, TOMAP('key1','val1')[, ‘encryption_strength’]])


plaintext_data (string) - plaintext data to encrypt.

keyARN (string) - Customer’s AWS KMS keyARN, used to call KMS for a data key.

encryption_context (map of key values) - TOMAP('key1', 'val1', 'key2', 'val2'....)

encryption_strength (string) - AES256 (default), AES192 or AES128.


Encrypt(‘my plaintext string’, ‘keyARN’, TOMAP('key1','val1'),‘AES192’) returns the encrypted message

Return value datatype

string containing the encrypted message (ciphertext + encrypted data key).

Note: Encrypt is a premium Xplenty function, please contact your Xplenty Account Manager or email hello@xplenty.com to have this feature added to your account.