Using components: Google Ads source

Use the Google Ads source component to read Google Ads report data.

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Select an existing Google Ads connection or create a new one.

Source Properties

  • API Version - ETL will use the selected Ads API version when running the job. Google releases a new API version every few months and sunsets older versions of the API. You should check and update the API versions periodically.
  • Report type - Select a report type from the dropdown list of reports. See this article to map reports to Google AdWords UI. Note: For structure reports, select "All time" in date range. We are using report types from the old version of Google Adwords.
  • Date range - Select a date range from the dropdown list of ranges. If you select custom date range..., you will be prompted to enter From date and To date. Click on either inputs and select the dates from the calendar. You can also use variables as values for the custom date range in the format yyyyMMdd.
  • customer ids - Leave empty to read data for all Ads customer account ids accessible to the connection or use a comma separated list of Ads customer account ids. The account ids appear in the top right corner of your Ads page or are managed by Ads Manager (MCC). If you provide an MCC account's customer id, the report will be executed for all the Ads accounts it has access to. Customer ids appear in the format nnn-nnn-nnnn (e.g. 123-456-7890)

Source Schema

After defining the Ads report, select the fields to use in the source.

Note: Some fields are not compatible with other fields in the same report. Refer here for more information. Please contact us if there are missing fields on the Ads source components.