Allowing ETL access to NetSuite ETL can read data in your NetSuite account using JDBC connectivity. The SuiteAnalytics Connect option should be enabled in your account. Get the connection information to your account through Settings -> Set Up SuiteAnalytics Connect -> Your Configuration.

To create a NetSuite connection in ETL:

    1. Click the Connections icon (lightning bolt) on the top left menu.
    2. To create a connection, click New connection. thumbnail image
    3. Choose NetSuite.
    4. In the new NetSuite connection window, name the connection and enter the connection information:
  • Name - name for the new connection
  • Service host - copy from SuiteAnalytics Connect configuration (see image below).
  • User name - your NetSuite user name.
  • Password - your NetSuite password. 
  • Service port - copy from SuiteAnalytics Connect configuration (see image below).
  • Service data source - copy from SuiteAnalytics Connect configuration (see image below).
  • Account ID - copy from SuiteAnalytics Connect configuration (see image below).
  • Role ID - copy from SuiteAnalytics Connect configuration (see image below).

Then, test the NetSuite connection by clicking Test connection. Once the connection tests successful, click Create connection. thumbnail image

You can find the connection information needed above in the SuiteAnalytics Connect configuration panel shown here:

thumbnail image

To setup as data source:

  1. Create a new role. Go to Setup > Users/Roles > Manage Roles > New.
    thumbnail image
  2. Enter a name for this role. Select Permissions tab and then click Setup tab and assign following permissions:
    • Log in using Access Tokens
    • SuiteAnalytics Connect
      thumbnail image
  3. Grant an access to the selected tables. On the same role creation page, go to Lists tab and select tables.
    thumbnail image
  4. Assign the Roles to the selected User. Select Access tab and then add following roles under Roles tab:
    • The role that has just been created from previous step
    • Data Warehouse Integrator role 
      thumbnail image
  5. Configure DB connection in ETL. Enter connection information (see steps "To create a Netsuite connection in ETL" from above ) along with as Service data source and Role ID from the role that we just created from step 2.
    thumbnail image