Dynamic connections


Dynamic connection is a new feature which allows you to replace database connections in source and destination components at package runtime. This is a convenient and scalable approach to running jobs across multiple database connections while using a single package!

To use this feature, reach out to Integrate.io Support and request it to be enabled on your account!


  1. Set variable for connection
  2. Find connection IDs
  3. Update variable value

Set variable for connection

1. Open any existing package or create a new one.

2. Add a database source or destination component         

3. Open the component and specify any available connection

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4. Check the checkbox for “Set variable for connection”
    • It is not possible to change the variable name.
    • The value of the variable defaults to the connection ID from the connection dropdown.

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5. Configure “Source properties” and “Schema” sections, then “Save” the component.

6. Configure the rest of the package as needed, then "Save" the package.

Find connection IDs

You are ready to override the dynamic connection variable with a valid database connection ID, but first you need to find suitable connection IDs on the Connections page.

Make sure that you only use IDs of database connections, and that the type of database is the same as the type defined in the source / destination component. I.e. for a MySQL database, only specify the ID of another MySQL database connection.

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Update connection variable value

Replace the dynamic connection variable value with the ID(s) you identified from the connections page.

  • 1. When running a job, “Run job” in the package designer

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  • 2. “Run job” on the Packages page

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  • 3. “Run job” on the Jobs page

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  • 4. When creating a schedule, “Add package” in the “New schedule” window

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  • 5. When creating a Workflow package, “Run package” task window

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• Dynamic connection is available only on database source and destination components
• The connection in the variable must be the same type as the original input connection
   For example, when selecting a MySQL connection from the dropdown in the source component, the dynamic connection variable specified at runtime must also be a MySQL connection
• The schema of the dynamic connection must be the same as the original input connection's (selected in the source / destination component)