Creating a cluster

To create a cluster:

  1. On the main menu, click Clusters.
  2. Click New cluster.
  3. Name your cluster if you wish. If you leave it blank, we will choose one for you.
  4. Select either a Sandbox or Production cluster (for more information on clusters, see ETL's clusters).
  5. If you have chosen a Production cluster, move the cluster size slider left or right to set the number of nodes that will be available to the cluster.
  6. To terminate the cluster after a period of inactivity, click the checkbox Terminate after, then click the required inactivity period from the drop-down list. This will cause the cluster to terminate some time AFTER the inactivity period you selected.
  7. Click Create cluster. As the creation process progresses, the status (indicated on the cluster itself) changes from Pending to Creating to Available. If creation failed, the status will show Error.