Modifying your personal settings

Your personal information

You can modify the personal information you defined when you created your account.

To modify your personal information:

  1. Click your avatar at the top right of the window, then click Edit profile.
  2. Modify your personal information as required (see personal information fields below).
  3. Click save changes.

Personal information fields

  • Email - the email address you use to log in to your ETL account. This will be visible to other account members when they click on your profile.
  • Name - the name that will appear next to all jobs, clusters, and packages you create, whether in your account or in an account that you are a member of.
  • Location - Your location (e.g. Sydney, Australia). This will be visible to other account members when they click on your profile.
  • Time zone - Set the time zone to your actual location so that all dates and times are displayed for your zone.
  • Gravatar email (Private) - by default, ETL uses the address you entered in the Email field for your gravatar. However, you can use a private gravatar account to display your avatar. No other  information from your Gravatar account will be visible.
  • change avatar - click to define or change your global avatar on Gravatar.
  • Send me a monthly newsletter featuring ETL news and events - select the check box to receive the monthly newsletter in the email account you specified above.

api key

Your API key is a special code that allows outside software and services to connect to your account with your permission. It works like a password so you should keep it safe just as you do with your username and password. If you think your key might have been compromised, generate a new key.

To generate a new api key:

  1. Click reset.


For Heroku users, you can get your API key from the environment variables of the Heroku application you provisioned the add-on from.