Use this function to make a REST API request continuously until a regular expression is matched or timeout is reached. You'll find it useful with asynchronous API calls that require polling for a status / response URL. Requests are authenticated using an ETL connection.


CCurlPoll(regex_string,interval, timeout, url, [method, [headers, [request_body, [connection_id]]]])


regex_string - regular expression string to match the response. If the regular expression is matched, the response is returned by the function.

interval - Interval in milliseconds to wait between requests.

timeout - Function will timeout after specified timeout (in milliseconds), stop making the requests and return the last response.

url (string) - HTTP or HTTPS url for the request.

method (string) - HTTP method, such as GET, POST, PUT, DELETE.

headers (optional string) - A json string that identifies the request headers key and value in the following manner: '{"header1" : "value1" , "header2" : "value2"}'.

request_body (optional string) - The string body of the request (most relevant in the case of POST)

connection_id (optional string) - The unique identifier of the connection to use to execute the query. You can find it in the connection's page.


CCurlPoll('status="(completed|failed)',1000,60000, '','GET','{"Accept":"text/json"}','','myapp_83' )


This function only executes in job runtime. When validating a package with variables that use the function or in X-console, the function returns null.

Return value datatype

The returned value is a map object that contains the following keys:

  • status - response code (integer)
  • body - the body of the response (string)
  • headers - map object of response headers

Impact of null value

The regex_string, interval, timeout, url and method arguments are required. The rest are optional and default to null.