Monitoring jobs

You can monitor jobs that executed or are still running on clusters in the dashboard, on a specific cluster's page, by polling the API or using webhooks

In the UI, the following information is displayed for each job:

  • the numeric job ID
  • name of the package run by the job. Clicking the package name opens the package for editing.
  • name of the cluster the job ran/is running on. Clicking the cluster name opens the cluster and its job list.
  • job variables. Clicking Job icon displays the evaluated values for the job variables.
  • the date submitted and the member who submitted the job or the schedule that initiated the job. Clicking the name displays the member's or schedule's details.
  • the duration of the runtime and date/time when the job actually started running
  • job status - possible values are:
    • idle - the user sent a request to run the job
    • pending - the job is initializing
    • running - the job is running
    • done - the job completed successfully
    • failed - the job failed to complete
    • pending_stoppage - the user sent a request to stop the job
    • stopping - the job is stopping
    • stopped - the job has stopped
  • job progress in %. Clicking the result displays additional information (see To view job progress details).
  • the number of MapReduce jobs completed
  • job errors for failed jobs (see To see job error details for failed jobs).
  • outputs for completed (Done) jobs (see Viewing completed tasks outputs).