Using components: Rank Transformation

Use the Rank component to sort input data by one or more fields, in an ascending or descending order and add a rank field that reflects the sort order.

Add rank field

Choose a name for the rank field (default is rank). Existing field names can't be used in the input components as field names must be unique.

Check Use dense rank in order to remove gaps in ranking values. By default, when multiple records have the same values in the sort keys (a "tie"), they will have the same rank value and there will be a gap between them and the next record's rank value. To avoid the gap, use dense rank option.  For example,

sorted field rank dense rank
'a' 1 1
'a' 1 1
'b' 3 2

Data Order

You can either add rank without sorting the data to add arbitrary rank value without sorting the input data, or rank data by fields order by selecting fields and sort direction (ascending or descending) to sort the data by.