Allowing ETL access to Hubspot ETL can load data to your HubSpot accounts. This article details creating the HubSpot connection in ETL.

To create a HubSpot connection in ETL:

  1. Click the Connections icon (lightning bolt) on the top left menu.
  2. To create a connection, click New connectionthumbnail image
  3. Choose "Hubspot" under "Services" connection typethumbnail image
  4. In the new connection window, enter the name of the connection and then input your HubSpot's private app token
  5. To make sure the credentials is valid and has sufficient permission, click Test Connection. Once test connection successful, click Create Connection.thumbnail image

To obtain Private App Token and enable required permissions

Obtain private app access token

  1. Access your HubSpot dashboard.
  2. Select "Private Apps" from your sidebar menu.thumbnail image
  3. If there is an existing private app, access token can be obtained by clicking "View access token". thumbnail image
  4. When there is no existing private app, you can create a new one and assign required scopes into your app.thumbnail imagethumbnail imagethumbnail image
  5. Use the access token generated from the newly created app.thumbnail image

Scopes and permissions

In general, in order to load the data to your HubSpot objects we need Write permission for HubSpot object that you want to modify. Currently, we support following object's scopes and permissions:

  • Scope: crm.objects.companies, permission: Write
  • Scope: crm.objects.contacts, permission: Write
  • Scope:, permission: Write