Using components: Select Transformation


Use the Select component to choose which fields from the input will be available in the next component and transform them using expressions.

To select which fields will be available in the dataflow:

  1. Add a Select component where required in your package.
  2. Open the component and name it.
  3. To automatically populate the fields section, click the Auto-fill fields icon. Otherwise, use the field drop-down and select the field you require.
  4. Use the expression editor to manipulate field data using ETL's expression language (see Using Expressions and ETL functions).
  5. For each field row, assign an alias for your field in the right text box.
  6. To change the order in which these fields will appear in remaining dataflow components, click and drag the arrow located to the right of a field number up or down to the new position.
  7. If required, add rows for additional fields.