Single Sign-On

Single Sign-On (SSO) is an authentication scheme that allows you to log into various services, such as ETL, via a single enterprise account like G Suite or Salesforce. We conduct SSO using the SAML 2.0 standard for exchanging authentication data with Identity Providers.

Why use SSO?

Benefits for users: 

  • 1. Convenient
    • a. Access multiple services with the same email and password.
    • b. Log into services from within the enterprise platform
  • 2. Secure
    • a. Enterprise accounts often enforce a strong password, unlike external service providers.
    • b. Multi-factor authentication, such as 2FA, is instantly available in most enterprise identity solutions.

Benefits for org admins:

  • 1. Transparency
    • a. Clear view of employees' access to services within an Identity Provider's admin platform.
    • b. Access permissions for multiple services are in one place, making audits a breeze.
  • 2. Greater control
    • a. Control becomes more granular as access permissions can be defined for groups or individual users.
    • b. Quickly revoke access to all services for a specific user from a single Identity Provider.

Supported features

  • 1. Just-in-Time account creation
    • a. ETL accounts are provisioned automatically for users logging in with SSO.
    • b. Users of SSO are tied to the organisation's ETL accounts on login.
  • 2. Password login
    • a. Users may wish to log in with their ETL password even if they have opted to use SSO. Our support team will be happy to make this possible on request of the ETL account owner.
  • 3. API access
    • a. API access is possible even while using SSO, just contact support!
  • 4. IdP-initiated SSO
    • a. Access ETL directly from within the Identity Provider platform. Not all IdPs support this functionality.

Supported Identity Providers

We currently support G Suite, Salesforce and Auth0 Identity Providers and more are available on request.

Unsupported features

We currently don't support the System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) standard which means we cannot track the existence of users within third party Identity Providers.

Request SSO for your ETL account

Please contact us if you wish to enable Single Sign-On to ETL for your organisation. Our support team will provide you with onboarding documentation to help you with setting up your Identity Provider with our Service Provider details and the correct access permissions for your users to log into our platform.