Managing your account settings

Your account information

If you are the account owner, you can modify most of the account information that you defined when you created your account.

To modify your account Information:

  1. Click your avatar at the top right of the window, then click Account settings.
  2. Modify your account information as required.(see account information below).
  3. Click save changes.
account information fields
  • Account id - the name that will appear in the top left corner of all ETL screens.
  • Account name - the name that is attached to ETL's application url to form the site name as follows:[site address].
  • Region - the region where your clusters are being created. It is recommended to create the clusters where the bulk of your data exists.
  • Location -  the location of the account.
  • Billing email -  the email address to which ETL will send billing information.
  • Gravatar email (Private) - by default, ETL uses the address you entered in the Email field for your gravatar. However, you can use a private gravatar account to display your avatar. No other  information from your Gravatar account will be visible.
  • public ssh keyUse your account's public ssh key to allow ETL access to data repositories that require key-based authentication (e.g. SFTP).

close account

If you no longer need your ETL account, you can delete it.

To close (delete) an ETL account:

  1. Click delete your account.
  2. Enter your password.
  3. Click delete my account.