Defining connections

Connections define the data repositories or services your Xplenty account can read data from or write data to. The connections contain access information that is stored securely and can only be used by your account's members.

Setting up a connection is usually done in two steps:

  1. First, allow Xplenty access to the service or data repository. This may require setting up firewall rules, opening SSH tunnels or creating users with minimum required permissions. Read more about allowing Xplenty access to your data repositories here.
  2. Once Xplenty is allowed access, you should set up a new connection in Xplenty:
    1. Click on `Connections` icon on the main left menu and then click New connection.
    2. Click new connection.
    3. Select your connection type
    4. Fill in the required fields.
    5. Test your connection and save it.
    6. Now you can use your new connection in packages.