Running jobs

After you have validated your package, you can run it as a job on a suitable cluster in terms of computing power required.

To run a job:

  1. On the main menu, click dashboard or my clusters.
  2. On the cluster you want to run the job on, click the Run job on this cluster icon.
  3. Click the required package (if necessary, filter the packages list first by typing relevant characters in the Filter packages text box).
  4. If you want to set variable values before you run the job, click set variables and run (see To override variable values before running a job below). Otherwise, click run.

Overriding variable default values

You can override the default values of user and system variables (see Using and setting variables in your package) before you run the job.

To override variable values before running a job:

  1. After selecting the required package and clicking set variables and run (see step 4 above), locate the variable you want to set on either the user variables or system variables tab.
  2. Type a new default value in the relevant text box.
  3. Click run.