Allowing ETL access to my data on Google Cloud Storage V2 ETL uses Service Account Key to connect to your Google Cloud Storage V2. This article discusses providing ETL access to your Google Cloud Storage V2 and then details creating a Google Cloud Storage V2 connection in ETL.

Service Account Creation & JSON Key Generation

  1. Access your Google Cloud Console and click the relevant project.
  2. On the sidebar, choose IAM & Admin -> Service Accounts -> Create Service Account
  3. Fill up Service account name and then click Done.

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  4. Click the newly created service account and navigate to Keys.
  5. Generate a JSON key via Add Key -> Create New Key -> JSON - > Create.
  6. We will upload this JSON key later on ETL when creating the connection.

Grant Access to Cloud Storage Bucket

  1. Access your Google Cloud Storage and click the relevant bucket.
  2. Under Permissions section, click Grant Access.
  3. Input the service account email we created from the previous section under New Principals field
  4. For Read-only, select the following roles: Storage Legacy Bucket Reader and: Storage Legacy Object Reader
  5. For Write access, select the following roles: Storage Legacy Bucket Writer and: Storage Legacy Object Reader
  6. Click Save.

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Create a Google Cloud Storage connection in ETL

  1. Click the Connections icon (lightning bolt) on the top left menu.
  2. To create a connection, click New connection.
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  3. Choose Google Cloud Storage V2.
  4. Name the connection. Upload JSON key.
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  5. Click Test Connection to make sure the connection details are correct.
  6. Click Create connection to create the connection. 

Migrate from Google Cloud Storage v1 Connector

Customers who have created the previous version of GCS connector and would like to migrate to GCS v2 connector, please follow these steps: 

  1. Create GCS v2 connections as per the steps above.
  2. Migrate all of your packages by updating your File Storage components to point to the new GCS v2 connectors. (GSV2_CONNECTION_ is the identifier of the new GCS v2 connection)thumbnail image
  3. Remove ETL's service account email (​) from your bucket's permission.