New Connector: DB2 ETL can read data from your DB2 databases or write data to them. This article discusses providing ETL access on your DB2 database and then details creating the database connection in ETL. 

You must provide ETL access to your DB2 database. If it is behind a firewall:

  • Create a user and grant it minimum permissions required for ETL to read or write data from the database.
  • Allow access from ETL's IP addresses to your database port (Refer to this article if you'd prefer to create an SSH tunnel or reverse SSH tunnel.)

What is DB2?

Db2 is a family of data management products by IBM, built to manage both structured and unstructured data. Db2 can help you manage data that is on-premises as well as in private and public cloud environments. DB2 brings predictability into customer behavior to help businesses reduce complexity and drive high impact data insights.

To create a DB2 database connection in ETL:

  1. Click the Connections icon (lightning bolt) on the top left menu.
  2. To create a connection, click New connection.thumbnail image
  3. Choose DB2 Database and name the connection.
  4. Select your access type (direct connection if you've whitelisted ETL's IP addresses.)
  5. Enter your database host name.
  6. Enter the database name.
  7. Enter the user name
  8. Enter the user's password.
  9. Click Test Connection to make sure the connection details are correct.
  10. Click Create connection to create the connection.

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