In order for Intermix to access your Redshift cluster, you need to add an Inbound rule for the Intermix IP address.

Following the below steps to whitelist the Intermix IP address.

  1. From the AWS Management Console, navigate to the page where the security group mentioned above is managed.
  2. In the Security Group View, click the Edit option from the Inbound tab. The Edit Inbound Rules dialog is displayed.
  3. Click Add Rule to add a new rule that includes the IP addresses that Intermix can use to access your data source.
  4. The following values need to be entered:
    • Type: Custom TCP rule.
    • Protocol: TCP (default).
    • Port Range: The number of the open port used by the data source (i.e. 5439).
    • Source: Custom IP (default). Enter52.40.120.246/32.