A "Job" is a virtual representation of an important workload. The Job is defined by a set of filters. Those filters can be based on query properties, or table operation. A Job is constantly update as new queries arrive into the data warehouse.


Create a new Job

Select 'New Job' from the top-right of the screen to start the process of creating a new Job.

1. Select a source from the pull-down.

2. Optionally add a filter for query property or table operation.

3. Click "Define Job" to create the Job.


Filter by Job Property

A Job can be filtered by any query property. If the query SQL text includes a query annotation from an app that supports - any of the custom properties of that app can be selected.


Filter by Table Operation

A Job can be filtered by operation on a table or set of tables. Use the logical AND operator to specify a table and schema name if the table exists in more than one schema.

Logical Chaining of Filters

Any Filter (anywhere in the product) can be chained together with AND or OR logical operators. The toggle will appear once you select more than one filter.


Edit a Job

Select the arrow next to the Job name to delete or rename. You can also rename a Job by clicking into the name and hitting 'Enter'.